Pitsidia town in Heraklion is found within the southwest end of the valley of Messara in Heraklion, Crete. The town with approximately 700 residents is the capital of the community Pitsidia-Matala. The locals are known for their life span, which, as they say, is due to the mild climate of the region. Pitsidia is the oldest town within the region and it is favored with numerous gifts. It is characterized by the specific morphology of the domain and the mountains and slopes planted with thousands of lovely blossomsbushes, herbs and natural product trees that make it brilliant all the seasons. Pitsidia town in Heraklion is an perfect choice for your summer get-away vacation, since it combines calmness and unwinding with extraordinary mountain and ocean views. It is only four kilometers from the popular Matala and you’ll require 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot to reach the wonderful sandy shoreline of Kommos. Opposite the town, Psiloritis, the most noteworthy mountain of Crete which is sometimes cold and sometimes not!